Paraphrasing for PhDs:  thesis paraphrasing

Paraphrasing for PhDs: thesis paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a technique for rewriting sentences while keeping the meaning the same.

When another author explains a point in exactly the way you would like to, it is very tempting to copy and paste. Unfortunately doing this can lead to serious consequences and is not to be recommended.  Plagiarism, the ‘P’ word, has to be one of the scariest a researcher can hear. The penalties for committing plagiarism are severe. If there is too much matching text in your thesis then you will be failed. The rules on plagiarism apply whether English is your first language or not, so for international students it is can be a really big headache. Paraphrasing other people’s writing is a really difficult skill even for native speakers, no wonder non-English speaking researchers often find it impossible. This is why you may need thesis paraphrasing.

There is a solution!

As an experienced editor, skilled in paraphrasing, I can reduce or remove plagiarism in your writing to take the risk out of your writing and the worry from your research project. I will also change the words without changing the meaning. All thesis paraphrasing leaves sentences at PhD standard writing.

If you are worried that your chapters contain too much text that matches other sources or you already have an originality report which shows an unacceptable level of plagiarism then I can solve your problem. Just send your document through and I will let you know how I can help.

This is what a paraphrased paragraph looks like after I have worked on it.


The fee for paraphrasing depends on the number of words, the % level of plagiarism in the document and the reduced % you want to achieve. To get a quote just send your document through. If you already have a Turnitin report then send that, if not then I will prepare one for you before we start.

So contact me today I we can discuss your requirements. Email here or call 07562 124635