Expert supervision for PhD researchers

Expert supervision for PhD researchers

Many PhD candidates find they need extra support and supervision to successfully complete their research and achieve their doctorate. I offer determined post-graduate researchers the kind of support and expert supervision they need to reach their goals. The service has been particularly useful for researchers whose first language is not English. You can read here what my clients have said about my service.

This PhD supervision is not just verbal advice and guidance but real help with the thesis itself, whether it is review, editing or even writing. I can also undertake literature searches. When you get feedback from your institution’s supervisor I can help you meet his/her requirements and understand his comments.

Finally, when the time comes I can prepare you for the viva to maximise your chances of success.

Here are some of the reasons you may need extra PhD supervision:
  • Not all relationships with your institution’s supervisor are successful, sometimes the chemistry is just not right.
  • Some supervisors are extremely busy with their own projects and are not responsive to your needs as you go through your journey.
  • There are some things you may feel you are unable to ask your supervisor.
  • Naturally, you want your work to be up to a high standard before you send it to your supervisor.
  • Some international PhD candidates need additional support in making sure their work is written in PhD standard English.
  • Those PhD candidates on a distance-based research programme often feel the need for additional contact and support.
  • Sometimes deadlines mean you need a little extra help!

Whatever your particular reason is for seeking extra help with your PhD journey you can be assured of friendly, personalised 7-days a week 52-weeks a year support. Why not send an email to when can arrange a time to talk by phone or on Skype.